Course Guidelines and Instructions to Candidates

The guidelines and instructions for candidates desirous of joining BiSEP are given below. Candidates are advised to carefully read and make themselves fully aware of said guidelines, rules and regulations. K-Tech reserves the right to change the guidelines, rules and regulations without any notice.

Domains in 3 Biotechnology Sectors

Agriculture & Food Pharma & Health Bioprocessing & Manufacturing
Plant Genetic Engineering Bioinformatics and Big Data Analysis Protein Expression and Scale-up
Nutraceuticals and Food Processing Cellular and Molecular Diagnostics Fermentation and Bioprocessing
Clinical Research and Data Management Biopharmaceutical Technology
Multi-Omics Technology

Duration of the course

Total duration : 12 months divided into two semesters. 1st semester constitutes 6 months of classroom learning by interaction with BiSEP faculty and experts from Academia / Industry. 2nd Semester constitutes Internship 6 months in a Company / Institution relevant to the chosen subject area.

Recognition and Accreditation:

The BiSEP host institutions will have to seek recognition and accreditation from a competent authority for award of Post Graduate Diploma.

Eligibility for admission to BiSEP

The candidate must have passed Master’s degree examination with minimum of 50% in Biotechnology / Microbiology / Biochemistry / Bioinformatics or any other Life Science related courses OR Minimum of 50% in B.E / B.Tech. – Biotechnology or Bioinformatics, Bachelor of Pharmacy / Agriculture and Veterinary or 4 year degree courses in any branch of Life Sciences.

The minimum marks for students belonging to SC / ST categories shall be 40% in the qualifying degree examination.


Eligibility of Candidates who are due to appear in the Qualifying Examination

Candidates who have appeared for the final semester / year qualifying degree examination are also eligible for taking Entrance Test. Such of the candidates will be allowed to appear in the entrance examination at their own risk and on the clear stipulation that in the event of their selection, they will be entitled to admission only if they secure the minimum prescribed percentage of marks in their qualifying degree examination and that they will be required to submit all the documents including final mark-sheet of the qualifying examination before the deadline for admission fixed by the concerned participating BiSEP Host Institutions. Failure to submit will result in such candidate forfeiting the seat and fees paid whatsoever.


Total 20 seats in each institute; 10 seats are reserved for Resident Students of Karnataka and 10 seats for Students from other States.

Explanation: For the purpose of BiSEP “ Resident Student of Karnataka ” means -
(i) A student who or either of whose parents has resided in the State of Karnataka for a period of not less than 10 years preceding the qualifying examination; and
(ii) A student who has studied in any one of the recognized educational institutions in the State for a period of not less than seven years preceding to the qualifying examination.”

Reservations for students belonging to OBCs/SC/ST and Hyderabad - Karnataka regions are also provided below within the total number of seats reserved for both Resident Students of Karnataka and Students from other States.

Students from Karnataka Students from other States
S. No. Category % of Reservation No. of Seats % of Reservation No. of Seats
1 OBC (1,IIA, IIB, IIIA and IIIB) 32% 03 -* -*
2 Scheduled Caste 15% 02 15% 02
3 Scheduled Tribe 3% - 7.50% 01
4 Hyderabad-Karnataka 8% 01 - -
5 Differently abled 3% - 3% -
6 Others 39% 04 74% 7
Total 100% 10 100% 10

*OBC reservation under non-resident students of Karnataka category, wherever applicable will be implemented as per the policy of each participating University/Institute.

Admission Procedure

The application from prospective candidate’s is called for by giving advertisement in Kannada and English newspapers circulated widely in both in Karnataka and outside Karnataka for online entrance test Karnataka – Biotechnology Aptitude Test (K-BAT) to be administrated by K-Tech. The candidates will be asked to provide personal and academic details at the time of applying for registering for the KBAT. Documents to be produced:

(i) SSLC/10th standard Marks Card
(ii) 2nd PUC/12th Standard Marks Card
(iii) Bachelor and/or Master Degree Marks Cards
(iv) If claiming reservation benefits, Certificate issued by concerned competent Authority

Karnataka – Biotechnology Aptitude Test (K-BAT)

KBAT is an online Test and can be taken from anywhere with a good internet facility. KBAT aims to test fundamental and applied aspects of Biology along with logical reasoning, general English, basic Mathematics and Computer Science.
KBAT consist total of 100 (one hundred) 'multiple choice' questions. One hundred multiple choice questions need to be answered in 60 minutes. The topics covered and the number of questions from each of the topic will be as given below.

Sl. No. Subject No. of Questions
1 General English 05
2 General Knowledge 05
3 Logical Reasoning 05
4 General Mathematics 05
5 Computer Science 05
6 Immunology 05
7 Cell biology 05
8 Genetics 05
9 Biochemistry 10
10 Microbiology 10
11 Analytical Techniques 10
12 Molecular Biology 10
13 Animal Biotechnology 10
14 Plant Biotechnology 10
Total 100

Final merit list (Ranking) will be generated for each candidate with 50% of Entrance Test marks + 50 % marks of qualifying examination. The candidates securing upto 50% marks belonging to OBC and general category and 40% for candidates belonging to SC/ST category will be called for Counselling and Seat Allotment to select their choice of domain and Institute based on the availability of domain and institute. Each BiSEP host institutions will be allotted 20 seats based on candidate’s rank and choice.


Please note that only one merit list will be released and there will be no second list under any Circumstances.

Short listed candidates should attend Counseling and Seat Allotment at Bengaluru to select their choice of domain and institute. Please note no TA and DA will be paid to candidates to attend counseling. Candidates will have to make their own arrangements for travel and stay.


Certificates and other Documents required at the time of Counseling and seat Allotment

Two sets of self attested copies of
(i) Three passport-sized photographs
(ii) SSLC/10th standard Marks Card
(iii) 2nd PUC/12th Standard Marks Card
(iv) Bachelor and/or Master Degree Marks Cards
(v) SC/ST/OBC Certificate, if belonging to SC/ST/OBC category

Course Fee Structure

Rs.50,000/- per student excluding examination fees (if any). The resident students of Karnataka joining the course under BiSEP to pay Rs.25,000/- only as course fee. Balance Rs.25,000/- will be paid to host institutes by K-Tech on submission of prescribed set of documents.

Hostel facilities

The candidates admitted to the course of study of the BiSEP HIs will be considered for hostel accommodation as per rules and regulations of the concerned BiSEP Host Institutes subject to availability of such facility. Students may please note that allotment of seat would not ensure automatic allotment of hostel accommodation and that the same will be offered subject to its availability.

Important Note:
1. The maximum number of seats allotted for each BiSEP Host Institute is twenty (20). The BiSEP Host Institutions will admit only students’ who has prescribed academic qualifications and successfully attempted online KBAT administrated by K- Tech, Department of IT & BT, Government of Karnataka.
2. The BiSEP host institutions will award Post Graduate Diploma and to award such degree host institutions will seek necessary recognition from a competent authority.
3. The candidates registering for online entrance test “Karnataka – Biotechnology Aptitude Test (KBAT) apart from asking to provide personal and academic details may be asked to upload the following documents for verification.
  (i) SSLC/10th standard Marks Card
  (ii) 2nd PUC/12th Standard Marks Card
  (iii) Bachelor and/or Master Degree Marks Cards
  (iv) If claiming reservation benefits, Certificate issued by concerned competent Authority
4. Candidates to please ensure that you fulfill the eligibility criteria set for BiSEP as detailed above and appear for the KBAT online Entrance Test only if you fulfill the said eligibility requirements for courses offered under BiSEP. Despite this caution, in case candidates who do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria and still appear in the KBAT entrance test, you will be doing so at your own risk and cost, and if at any stage, it is found that you do not fulfill the minimum eligibility requirements, the admission, if granted to such candidates, shall be cancelled without any notice.
5. At the time of Counseling and Seat Allotment, the candidates need to submit two sets of self-attested copies of the following documents
  (i) Three passport –sized photographs
  (ii) SSLC/10th standard Marks Card
  (iii) 2nd PUC/12th Standard Marks Card
  (iv) Bachelor and/or Master Degree Marks Cards
  (v) SC/ST/OBC Certificate, if belonging to SC/ST/OBC category Also are required to produce all originals of the above certificates/documents for verification at the time of attending counseling, seat allotment and for admission. In the absence of any of the original certificates/documents, counseling/seat allotment/admission of candidates shall not be allowed.
6. After allotment of seats, the candidates to directly approach the designated Course Coordinator of the BiSEP Host Institute to which the candidate has been allotted and complete the admission procedure as per the norms of their Institute/university as well as the payment of balance amount of fees, if any.
7. Candidates may note that request for transfer from one institute to another will not be entertained under any circumstances even if seats of choice are available. Therefore, candidates are advised not to make any request in this regard.
8. If any information furnished by the candidate in the registration form and/or admission form, is found to be false, his/her admission, if granted on the basis of such information is liable to be cancelled by that very fact or act.
9. The KBAT registration fee and/or Tuition fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
10. The fee for appearing in the University examination will be as per guidelines issued by respective Institutes/Universities from time to time.
11. Candidates interested in higher studies need not apply.
12. Candidates will be required to join anywhere in India for internship.
13. Candidates can also get consent letter from Company where they are interested to do their industry internship. The acceptance or non-acceptance will be wholly at the discretion of the Course Coordinator/Head of the Host Institution.
14. Students placed for internship will have to make their own arrangements for lodging and boarding. The company may or may not provide boarding and/or lodging facility free or on chargeable basis or assist in finding accommodation.
15. Candidates will be required to follow the rules and regulations of Host Institutions/interned company/organization. If the Candidate leaves the course/training in between or is terminated for any reasons, fellowship amount would not be paid for the rest of the internship period.
16. Change of location or company after joining for internship will not be entertained except in genuine cases and wholly at the discretion of the Course Coordinator/Head of the Host Institution.
17. Non-serious candidates based on the feedback of company will be terminated without notice.
18. If a Candidate is terminated from a company/organisation due to unsatisfactory work or indiscipline or misconduct, the trainee would not be placed in any other company/organisation.
19. Internship in the 2nd semester does not ensure permanent placement.
20. A student shall be required to maintain a minimum of Seventy Five percentage (75%) attendance for every month of the course duration to be eligible for monthly fellowship. Candidates not having minimum 75% attendance are not eligible to receive fellowship for that particular month. It shall be the responsibility of the student to ensure that his/her attendance requirements do not fall short of.
21. In the 1st semester the number of Lectures shall be counted up to the last working day of the month. In the 2nd semester i.e., industry internship, 75% attendance will be based on the number of working days in a month as per the policy of the interning industry.
22. Under special circumstances, viz., (a) authorized absence under official directives, and (b) Temporary reliefs as mentioned below, a student may be granted condonation of attendance by the Principal/Director/Academic Head maximum up to 10% per month. In exceptional and rare instances of medical or personal bereavement, the Principal/Director/Academic Head at their discretion undertake condonation of attendance maximum not more than 25%.
  (a) If the percentage of attendance is deficient on account of:
Participation in Inter-University, University of Inter-Collegiate Sports Tournaments/ Youth Festival, University Level Debates, National and International Tournaments/conferences, with the previous sanction of the Principal/Director/Academic Head, or attendance at the NCC camp, Mountaineering Courses, or institute educational tours or other co-curricular activities, certified by the Principal/Director/Academic Head, or Voluntary donation of blood, certified by a Govt. Doctor of Gazette rank, or Registered Medical Officer.
Principal/Director/Academic Head will relax shortage of attendance up to a maximum period of 15 days in a semester in each of the 2 semesters.
  (b) Temporary relief during a semester will be allowed on the following grounds:
      • Illness of self (to be supported by medical certificate).
      • Death of parent/guardian or, in the case of married student, the spouse.
Such relief shall be permitted with the prior permission of the Principal. The request for relief shall be recommended by the Course coordinator/Course In-Charge/concerned Head of the Department. The relief shall be permitted subject to the condition that the student shall complete the programme of studies within the maximum period prescribed for completion of studies. The semester during which such temporary withdrawal is taken, will be counted a full semester. Temporary relief will be restricted to one semester only.
23. If a student was found ineligible for appearing in semester-end examination due to shortage of attendance or if a student who does not appear in semester-end examination for any reason, he/she should attend the classes in subsequent semester, when the course is normally offered.
24. Maternity Leave to Female Students : Maternity leave up to maximum period of six months can be granted with fellowship in case of first or second child only. Maternity leave may also be granted with fellowship in case of miscarriage including abortion subject to the condition that: i) The leave does not exceed six weeks, and ii) the application for the leave is supported by a Medical Certificate issued by Registered Medical Officer. Maternity leave may be combined with leave of any other kind applied for in continuation of the former may be granted only if the request is supported by a Medical Certificate. Leave in continuation of Maternity leave may also be granted in case of illness of a newly born baby subject to production of Medical Certificate to the effect that the condition of the ailing baby warrants mother’s personal attention and that her presence by the baby’s side is absolutely necessary. However, no fellowship will be paid during this period. The Principals of the concerned host institutions can grant Female Students maternity leave only ONCE during the entire programme.
25. Condonation/Other leave or absence shall not be CLUBBED with Maternity Leave during the programme.
26. The Student shall register for the examination after compensating the leave availed, with the junior batch, if the other conditions stipulated in the concerned course Regulations are fulfilled. The Student is permitted to continue her study with the junior batch, considering it as an additional seat in the concerned host institutions.
27. Even if the Curriculum/Scheme/ Syllabus change occurs, Student shall register for the examination after compensating the leave availed, with the junior batch.
28. Any dispute with regard to any matter relating to entrance, seat allotment, fellowship, admission process to courses offered under BiSEP shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Bengaluru Courts only.
29. Kindly keep visiting and for regular and updated information.